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SPECIAL EVENT: Full Moon in Aries Intention Setting Fire Ceremony & Reiki Infused Sound Bath

Join me at Ceremony Meditation on Tuesday, September 25th for a very special Full Moon Ceremony and Reiki Infused Sound Bath.

8:00pm - 10:00pm
$33 per guest

The Full Moon serves as an opportunity to reflect, release, and illuminate ourselves. It is a powerful time to create positive change in our lives. Just as we look up and see the brightness of the moon in the night sky, this time of the month is when we are asked to shine light on ourselves and determine where we are at, what we are ready to let go of, and what intentions we would like to set for the future. Our own personal power is amplified when we come together in love and light to set intentions within a community. We welcome you to join the Ceremony community during this potent time as we open our hearts to our highest selves and elevate our vibration to higher levels of love and consciousness.

What to expect:
- Learn about the powerful energy of this Aries Full Moon and how to best harness it to your advantage
- Set positive intentions for release and manifestation during a special fire ceremony
- Charge your crystals and sacred objects with Reiki and moonlight
- Deeply relax and amplify your intentions with a healing Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath
- Build intimacy and connection within the Ceremony Community
- Leave with your heart overflowing with love, light, and magic!

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Later Event: September 30
Classes and Events: 10/1 - 10/6