Relax with me!

At The Copper Vessel you'll find an array of soothing spiritual experiences and mindset coaching services that are designed to help you relax, re-connect with your true Self and transform your life.
Deep healing and a life of harmony begins with that journey to the Self, and you do not need to walk the path alone.

Are you new to meditation? Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you wish you could just take 5 minutes to relax and reset your energy?
If so, this is the perfect experience for you!
Get comfortable, close your eyes, lie back, relax, and enjoy!


Please enjoy this 25 minute Sound Bath and guided meditation for total body relaxation.

Ego Eradicator is a Kundalini meditation that opens the lungs, consolidates the magnetic field, and brings the brain hemispheres to a state of alertness. Watch this easy tutorial and so that you can incorporate this powerful meditation into your daily practice!


Please enjoy this 11 minute Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath with a guided yoga Nidra meditation to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep!